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Thank you for visiting the Carroll County Arts Council 2023 PEEP Show! 

Your world is what you make it. The words you say to yourself and others matter.

As we learn to see the beauty and kindness that is around us, sometimes we need a reminder, to see a sign. 

When you display a BE KIND Sign from the Infinite Love Project (their design or your own), you support the nonprofit Action For Kindness and help remind yourself and others to be kind. 

Become a Kindness Envoy, encouraging kindness and connecting positive people doing positive things! 

More ways to spread kindness in our community are to sign up for or host mindfulness workshops for kids and adults. These workshops provide DEI and SEL tools and creative, self generated reminders to be kind.

Registration is open for the Community of Kindness Workshop at the Carroll Arts Center for kids ages 7-13 beginning April 26.

Kindness paint events and workshops for kids, adults, and families, are continually being added to the Infinite Love Project Events Calendar

The Action For Kindness entry to the 2023 Carroll County Arts Center PEEP Show is titled, Peeps Dreamscape - Beauty and Kindness Are All Around You. Action For Kindness is happily also supporting as the Volunteers Sponsor.

Thank you for visiting! And remember, in a world where you can be anything, be kind.

BE KIND Signs are available for display (click here)

Infinite Love Hearts are available to hand out (click here)

Action For Kindness is accepting donations (click here)

Thank you for your support!

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